Search Engine Optimization.

We offer a wide service range of site optimization aimed to improving of the following factors:
✓ Higher positions in search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.
✓ Traffic increase.
✓ Sales growth.
✓ Rise of average bill value.
✓ Improving KPI.

SEO optimization consists of two parts – internal and external. The optimal result is achieved when the internal optimization is performed before the external one.
Therefore the work is divided into two stages:

Stage 1 –  Preparation to promote:
1.1 Semantic Core Keyword Research.
1.2 Website structure optimization.
1.3 Audit of Internal Controls:
✓ Elimination of duplicate content.
✓ Closing of the technical content of the indexing.
✓ Content structure optimization.
✓ Image optimization.
✓ Page loading optimization.
✓ Analysis and removal of broken links.
1.4 Implementation of microformats.
1.5 Integration with social services.
1.6 Content optimization:
✓ Organisation of unique meta-tags.
✓ Analysis of content uniqueness .
✓ Revision of existing content.
✓ Writing new content.
1.7 Web Analytics:
✓ Introduction of web analytics tools.
✓ Setting up of e-commerce (for online-stores).
✓ Tune-up of KPI-tracking .
1.8 Basic usability-audit.
1.9 Marketing strategy building.
Stage 2 – Website promotion:
2.1 External optimization:
✓ Audit of the current external links.
✓ Anchor-list construction.
✓ Link-building.
✓ Increase of social factors.
✓ Content marketing.
2.2 Internal optimization:
✓ Semantic core extension.
✓ Creating additional landing pages.
✓ Creation of new and unique meta tags.
✓ Content creation.
✓ Internal links optimization.
✓ Commercial factors improving.
✓ Increase of conversion.
2.3 Web Analytics:
✓ Data Analysis.
✓ Improving of promotion strategy.
2.4 Website Errors monitoring.
2.5 Website Up-time monitoring.
2.6 Monthly Reports.

Our prices.

Cost depends on the site thematic, targeting and payment schemes.

Currently we can offer the following payment plans:

Fixed fee Consulting Traffic plan
starts at $500 per month. $25 per hour. Starts at $ 200 per month.
✓ Unlimited hours of work as a SEO-Specialist.
✓ Payment for the external spending: copy-writing, link-building.
Minimum number of hours per month – 10. The payment consists of the hours spent by SEO-Specialist on the project per month. This scheme of work involves a full report about hours of fulfilled work . Payment for involved traffic. This payment method includes a fixed fee ($ 200 per month) + payment for the result of promotion (attraction visitors to the site, starting at $ 0.10 per visit, depends on the site thematic). Includes only organic traffic from search engines. Already existing traffic at the time of the launch promotion, subtracted. Payment is only for new visitors. When the traffic increase, the cost per visitor drops.
For Example:
You come to us with the site traffic of 3000 visitors per month.
✓ After the first month of promotion the traffic rises up to 3,500 visitors (increased by 500). Total payment: $200 + 500 * 0.1 = $ 250.
✓ After 6 months of promotion the attendance becomes 10,000 (increased by 7 000). Total payment: $ 200 + 7000 * 0.06 = $ 620.

*0.06  as mentioned earlier, with the growth of traffic – the cost per visit drops. We form such a price scheme to show that the more your site is promoted the more grows its trust, loyalty and reputation, which makes the website work by itself. 

* In case of providing any changes on the website our programmer charges $ 30 per hour.