Logos Design

Logo – is the foundation and constant companion of any company, TM, and website. The following indicators depend on it: awareness, recall and appeal of the brand, company or product line and services. Logo design is the foundation of corporate identity.

Logo design is a crucial stage as one look at it lasting only a few seconds forms an opinion about the owner, company, service or brand. This is what makes the process of creating a logo so important and responsible stage of life of any company.

The perception of the logo depends on plastic forms, color, font selection, line thickness, pitch and more. Proper application of these nuances creates a beautiful and memorable logo design.

In this work our designers are guided by the following principles (logo should be):
✓ Unique;
✓ Easy to remember and learn;
✓ Original;
✓ Expressive;
✓ Reflect the essence of the company;
✓ Practical.

Our pricing:

1. Package 1. $150: Includes up to 3 variants of logo. Development time – starts at 2 days*.

2. Package 2. $200: Includes up to 5 variants of logo. Development time – starts at 3 days*.

3. Package 3. $300: Includes up to 10 variants of logo. Development time – starts at 5 days*.

Every additional variant + $30.

*Development time depends on the completeness of the Brief for the development of a brand name, on the speed of review, and approval by the customer models, the timing of receipt of the prepayment**, and other factors. We always try to do our work as quickly as possible and without compromising quality!

**Prepayment is 50% of the total order.

Our clients: